miConference is designed by Hinacom Software and Technology, Ltd., an innovative company providing the services of computer software design, rental of computer software, maintenance of computer software, and computer software consultancy.

miConference is a highlight of miPlatform®, by definition, it is an Image-based Conferencing System which directly integrated in miPlatform® PACS. It is designed for multiple parties to conduct real-time integrated audio/video conferencing and share diagnostic-level images. It enables highly effective communication between physicians, radiologists and specialists within hospitals’ network to tele-consult with each other.

Features and Fuctions

  • Support real-time audio/video conferencing with diagnostic-level full-fidelity medical images.
  • The operation and processing of medical images will be shown in synchronization.
  • 3D collaboration over Internet.
  • Switch the host as requested.
  • Invite online users anytime.
  • Support mobile devices such as laptop, mobile phone and tablet to join in the conference.
  • Support one-to-one and one-to-many training/teaching.
  • Provide a platform for academic exchanges, based on the medical images and data that authorized to evolve scholarly communication and education.
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